When we saw the cheap flooring they had put down in this house, we crossed our fingers that it would be easy to take up AND that there would be original hardwoods underneath. Both of our wishes came true, and we couldn’t have had a better first night of renovation! Here are the before and after photos so you can see the difference. Don’t be fooled by the photography of the before — the originals have so much more character than the material they put down to try and sell the house. Also, you’ll notice they had two different kinds of wood — one that’s more like a printed wood material, and the other that was more solid and wasn’t too bad, but we wanted all original underneath. While taking up the wood, we found that the first living room and bedroom have oak floors, the second living room, master, and laundry room have fir floors. I’m curious if these were put in at different times since they don’t match up. I’ll have to do some research on that…
As you can see, the hardwoods are going to need some cleaning and sealing, but they’re SO beautiful. It makes me so happy to look at these, compared to what was down before, and they feel so much better to walk on as well. Anyone need some brand new wood for your floors?? We have some to sell 🙂
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