When we decided to install a butcher block countertop, I didn’t even think about the extra step of installing supports. However, about a month after install, we noticed the countertop started to bow downwards a little, and when pressure was applied we were worried it would eventually bend too far and ruin all the time (and money!) we had put into it. After installing it, we can sleep at night knowing that the peninsula is supported and that beautiful labor of love countertop isn’t going anywhere!

Shopping List

  1. Brackets rated for your specific weight specifications
  2. Screws
  3. Construction adhesive
  4. Piece of wood for initial support


Setup your support. We just used a scrap piece of wood cut to the correct height of the countertop, and wedged in on the corner that needed to be raised up.


Pre-drill holes. Hold up the bracket at the desired placement, make marks with a screw, and pre-drill holes.


Apply adhesive. Apply a single line of construction adhesive to the middle of your bracket. This will add an additional level of support and bond to your cabinet surface.


Attach to cabinet and countertop. Place the bracket at desired position, use a firm grip to push it all the way into the corner. Insert screws and drill into pre-drilled holes.


Rinse and repeat. Measure your bracket placement for the next one and repeat the above steps.