Looking to make your own DIY no-sew cushions?

Here’s an easy, one-evening project that will transform the look of a room with just one simple change, and it’s affordable too!


Glue gun
Glue sticks


Unroll the foam and cut to length with a serrated knife. I used our bread knife, and it worked surprisingly well!


Iron the fabric to remove the creases, and lay it on a flat surface. Wrap the foam with the fabric and make sure your fabric pattern has straight lines along the foam.


Use a hot glue gun and run glue in a line at the edge of the fabric on the foam, pull the fabric taut (but not so much that is shows stretch marks), and press against the glue.

That’s it!

The no-sew cushions have their limitations, but I needed a quick and easy way to make these without breaking the bank (buying them custom made), or having to be reminded of my lack of sewing skills. I’m happy with them until I am ready for new fabric and a longer term solution. Maybe these cushions will get us back to sitting at the dining table instead of the couch! 🙂

***Side note: some people may not like the idea of using glue to make these cushions, but you can still remoce the fabric to wash it, and the glue will stay on the foam rather than the fabric. However, you will still need to reapply the glue again after you wash the fabric. If your cushions will see heavy use, you should consider going with a more permanent solution.