Not all projects turn out the way we’re hoping, and we plan to share those fails with you¬†as often as they happen!

This project was supposed to turn out as a sleek, wooden sawhorse to use at tradeshows for the company, but that should also be functional as sawhorses were made to be. What drew us to this specific sawhorse plan was the fact that you could cut each one out of one piece of plywood, creating a sawhorse that can be easily stored and transported. Needless to say, it didn’t quite turn out that way. As you can see from look of confusion on my face, this was not the easiest project to figure out.

Following the instructions for the sawhorse was more like finding treasure on a map without any distance markers.

We worked for hours on making four of these, but they ended up turning out to look more like short, wooden chairs that may not hold your weight. Our problem was trying to get too many sawhorses out of one sheet of plywood, and not having measurements to guide our cut lines.

They’re still useful for tradeshows, just not on the job!

Even Winston was unimpressed as he oversaw our work from the firepit…