How to Store Skis in a Small Space

by Allie Merrill

This tutorial includes the same instructions for our previous two posts, so we won’t go into great detail explaining how to do it, but go ahead and check out the posts on how to hang a bike on the wall and how to use drywall anchors for details on hanging heavy items on your walls. Except to hang the skis, you only need drywall anchors and wall brackets (notice the different shape of these), no hose clamps or foam. Easy!

You must be wondering why we keep putting sports equipment on our walls…short answer: we’ve been thieved (probably not a word, but I’ve added it to my vocabulary this year) way too many times this past year to store them anywhere else and there’s no other place to put them in our 599 square foot apartment — yes, we miss that one square foot. To give you an idea of how we’ve organized, here’s what we’re able to fit in our apartment:

  • there’s room to seat six people in our living room
  • we have a guitar and keyboard in that same living room
  • table space for a 1000 piece puzzle in the kitchen (this has been tested)
  • two bikes are stored in the SAME living room
  • two pairs of skis are hung in our bedroom
  • we have a 70lb dog with LOTS of energy
  • did I mention I work from home with all of my camera equipment stored in our non walk-in closet?
  • and guess what, there are TWO house plants that have zero function except to provide me some natural vibes!

One of these days, I’ll put together a post of how we’ve arranged our apartment to allow for storage of all our stuff, while still being able to enjoy it.

Check out the photos below to see our ski storage solution!