How to Mount a

Bike on the Wall

by Alex Merrill

Living in small spaces necessitates innovative ways to store things. Since Allie and I have found ourselves confined to a 600 square foot apartment with no additional storage, we have faced many dilemmas about how we can best store our much loved belongings.

Our bicycles proved to be a special challenge when the bike rack outside was subject to theft, and we were forced to come up with a solution inside our apartment.

Going vertical was our solution for this and many other space saving challenges.


Hose clamps

Drywall anchors

Wall brackets

Foam weatherseal


Hose clamps: $3
Drywall anchors (25-pack): $6
Wall brackets: $4
Foam weatherseal: $3

Total: $16

Step 1

Measure bracket placement. To install, hold the bike up against the location temporarily to get a good idea about where the brackets need to go. Get a good idea about if the pedals or handle bars will interfere with anything, and also leave yourself at least a few inches between the top of the tire and the ceiling when the bike is mounted, for ease of getting the bike off and on the rack.

Step 2

Install the brackets. With the elevation decided on, level across between the two brackets. Mine are about 10-12” apart from each other. Install these brackets using at least (3) drywall anchors and screws. Check out this post for help on installing drywall anchors!

Step 3

Finishing touches. Tighten the hose clamp onto the horizontal leg of the bracket about 4-6” away from the wall. These clamps act as stops, so the pivot point created by the bike seat against the wall can’t cause the handle bars to slide off of the brackets. I put a small bit of foam weatherseal (comes in a roll from any hardware or big box store) at each clamp location to prevent any damage to the handle bar tape.

And that’s it! This sure is a simple way to do it, and the brackets can only get more attractive than the ones I used, but it has proved a fine solution for our conundrum of bike security and limited space.