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Home Renovation: The Grand [BEFORE] Tour

Welcome to our new home renovation project! This is our first home purchase EVER so needless to say we are very excited, but also a little nervous because we have no idea what we are getting ourselves into. Our plan is to renovate the house, pretty much from top to...

Our Own Fixer Upper’s Kitchen Inspiration

By the time we purchased this house, I thought most of the design decisions had already been made, and that things would go so quickly and would be a lot of work, but it wouldn't take very long, right?? Wrong. 🙂 As everyone says, home renovations take...

How to Frame a Wall

How to Frame a Wall by Alex Merrill So, you want to build a wall? Well, hopefully you want to build a little more than that, but every journey begins with a single step. Here are some basics to get you thinking about the right things in the right ways when it comes to...

How to Support a Peninsula Countertop

When we decided to install a butcher block countertop, I didn't even think about the extra step of installing supports. However, about a month after install, we noticed the countertop started to bow downwards a little, and when pressure was applied we were worried it...

How to Mount a Bike on the Wall

How to Mount a Bike on the Wall by Alex Merrill Living in small spaces necessitates innovative ways to store things. Since Allie and I have found ourselves confined to a 600 square foot apartment with no additional storage, we have faced many dilemmas about how we can...
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