Are you a visual learner?

So are we! Check out the videos below for video tutorials.

How to Build a Roof Rack

How to Build a Roof Rack by Alex Merrill If your car is like mine, it has the front to back ‘rails’ from the factory, but it’s missing the cross rails, which hold up whatever it is you’re trying to carry on the roof.  I’ll say at the outset that I receive more...

How to Clean Unsealed (or very old!) Hardwood Floors

WARNING: This process is very simple and may confuse you if you're expecting a difficult task. Please keep this in mind before proceeding. If you're looking for a task to pull your hair out, this is not the one. ------------------------------- Starting this project, I...

How to Patch and Paint a Brick Fireplace

For all you Fixer Upper fans out there...this is a classic Joanna Gaines move, and it's one I was excited to try for myself. This fireplace was in dire need of an update, so I thought I would try my hand at freshening it up a bit. Primer: water-based, stain blocking...

How to Store Skis in a Small Space

How to Store Skis in a Small Space by Allie Merrill This tutorial includes the same instructions for our previous two posts, so we won't go into great detail explaining how to do it, but go ahead and check out the posts on how to hang a bike on the wall and how to use...

How to Build a Rustic Console Table

How to Build a Rustic Console Table by Alex Merrill Project Preface This project has quite a few steps to it, so we've added a video tutorial to give you lots of visuals. It is not a hard project, but it does take lots of patience and precision in measuring your cuts....
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