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How to Frame a Wall

How to Frame a Wall by Alex Merrill So, you want to build a wall? Well, hopefully you want to build a little more than that, but every journey begins with a single step. Here are some basics to get you thinking about the right things in the right ways when it comes to...

How to Clean Unsealed (or very old!) Hardwood Floors

WARNING: This process is very simple and may confuse you if you're expecting a difficult task. Please keep this in mind before proceeding. If you're looking for a task to pull your hair out, this is not the one. ------------------------------- Starting this project, I...

How to Make a Rope Swing Shelf

How to Make a Rope Swing Shelf by Allie Merrill If you want a quick and easy project that pays off in good looks, this is the one for you. I built this in about thirty minutes! Supplies 5/4 x 6" board You can use whichever size board you prefer, but since I was...

PROJECT FAIL: Single Sheet Sawhorse

Not all projects turn out the way we're hoping, and we plan to share those fails with you as often as they happen! This project was supposed to turn out as a sleek, wooden sawhorse to use at tradeshows for the company, but that should also be functional as sawhorses...

Removing Floors to Expose Original Hardwoods

When we saw the cheap flooring they had put down in this house, we crossed our fingers that it would be easy to take up AND that there would be original hardwoods underneath. Both of our wishes came true, and we couldn't have had a better first night of renovation!...
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