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How to Make a Rope Swing Shelf

How to Make a Rope Swing Shelf by Allie Merrill If you want a quick and easy project that pays off in good looks, this is the one for you. I built this in about thirty minutes! Supplies 5/4 x 6" board You can use whichever size board you prefer, but since I was...

Our Own Fixer Upper’s Kitchen Inspiration

By the time we purchased this house, I thought most of the design decisions had already been made, and that things would go so quickly and would be a lot of work, but it wouldn't take very long, right?? Wrong. 🙂 As everyone says, home renovations take...

How to Make Wooden Wall Art

How to Make Wooden Wall Art by Allie Merrill This was a fun one for me. I have never used a router before, but after this project, I'm hooked! As a new resident to the state, I chose Washington as my design, but you could do any design you want. It took me about ten...

How to Clean Unsealed (or very old!) Hardwood Floors

WARNING: This process is very simple and may confuse you if you're expecting a difficult task. Please keep this in mind before proceeding. If you're looking for a task to pull your hair out, this is not the one. ------------------------------- Starting this project, I...

How to Mount a Bike on the Wall

How to Mount a Bike on the Wall by Alex Merrill Living in small spaces necessitates innovative ways to store things. Since Allie and I have found ourselves confined to a 600 square foot apartment with no additional storage, we have faced many dilemmas about how we can...
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