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How to Build a Roof Rack

How to Build a Roof Rack by Alex Merrill If your car is like mine, it has the front to back ‘rails’ from the factory, but it’s missing the cross rails, which hold up whatever it is you’re trying to carry on the roof.  I’ll say at the outset that I receive more...

How to Clean Unsealed (or very old!) Hardwood Floors

WARNING: This process is very simple and may confuse you if you're expecting a difficult task. Please keep this in mind before proceeding. If you're looking for a task to pull your hair out, this is not the one. ------------------------------- Starting this project, I...

Home Renovation: The Grand [BEFORE] Tour

Welcome to our new home renovation project! This is our first home purchase EVER so needless to say we are very excited, but also a little nervous because we have no idea what we are getting ourselves into. Our plan is to renovate the house, pretty much from top to...

Removing Floors to Expose Original Hardwoods

When we saw the cheap flooring they had put down in this house, we crossed our fingers that it would be easy to take up AND that there would be original hardwoods underneath. Both of our wishes came true, and we couldn't have had a better first night of renovation!...

How to Mount a Bike on the Wall

How to Mount a Bike on the Wall by Alex Merrill Living in small spaces necessitates innovative ways to store things. Since Allie and I have found ourselves confined to a 600 square foot apartment with no additional storage, we have faced many dilemmas about how we can...
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